Day 1



Attention Passengers:

Hopped aboard my first international flight without mommy by my side to make sure my backpack was zipped up and I had my passport ready to go. (Don’t worry Mom, I was a pro going through TSA, you would have been proud.) Turns out I was actually standing behind Alex (the kid that was also leaving from O’Hare) the entire time through security, what are the odds. We dapped up a bit, got firmilar with each other over a few 312’s like any Chicagoans would and then hit the runway. I had the pleasure of being front row and center for some pompous asshole arguing with the sweet little flight attendant that didn’t speak much English. This big lumbering man (not really, he was probably 6 foot 1, and two spins soaking wet) was complaining that he didn’t have enough leg room even though he paid for an upgrade? While he was being a whiny little meatball, the couple next to me and I were having a good laugh at his expense. Now lemme tell ya about this couple, they were probably 25/26 years old and I didn’t talk to them the whole flight until an hour before landing when the guy noticed my Carthage Baseball hoodie; following this, we proceeded to talk about baseball because he was a pitcher at Cal Lutheran for four years. It was quite an eventful and pleasant plane ride to say the least.

Move that Bus

Finally rounded everyone up at the Joe and The Juice and loaded up the bus. We met our tour guides (Dana a man that was born a Cali Bro raised on Mata an island south of Sicili. He hangs ten on the reg and is just a great dude to talk to) (Helga, a woman that lives on a farm and does these tours for a living with multiple degrees. Loves wine and outdoor stuff ~per our ice breaker activities~) both are really great people. Our first stop was at what I’m going to call a continental divide. Not sure if that’s the name but lets roll with it, yeah. We stop for a hot minute there and take in the views where the North Atlantic tectonic plate and the Eurasian plate meet. It was pretty neat and this was my first experience with black sand and lemme tell ya, it was wicked cool. I’m hopefully gunna be able to put pictures in this as well but we will see if I want to put the effort in.. Then we stopped at a geothermal hot spot where apparently a woman was there for a long time and now haunts, so we were told not to talk to a woman chasing a goat. (Note taken, and never saw the crazy goat lady).

Humble Abode

Home sweet home (at least for the next four nights). We are staying at a guest house called something that I cannot pronounce (much like everything else in this Country, why couldn’t they just stick to the Ohio’s and Iowa’s and save us some embarrassment as dumb Americans??) Hjardarbol Guest House is the name, yeah good luck. These places are tight, and we have all 8 of the guys in one house that’s connected to three other that all of the girls are crashing at. There are 4 sets of bunk beds, so it feels like I’m back in freshman year with Joebro. This place has two beautiful hot spring hot tubs that are warmed by hydrothermal waters and it’s pretty sweet. The water here is the best tasting fresh water I have ever had.. 11/10 recommends. We also have some house pets on the guest house site. 1 very good boy that guards the kitchen and two kitties that fight over spots in the sun. I guess I will attach pics cuz you have to see these animals. We learn about our capstones tonight before dinner and get divided up into our groups. That will be a blurb in tomorrow’s note. (yall don’t want to hear that technical mumbo jumbo anyway)

Final Thoughts

Iceland did not disappoint on the first day, we got hella sunshine which usually doesn’t happen because of storms and cloud coverage, and it was a brisk 45/50 degrees out. Morale is high at Camp Iceland and everyone is feeling the little-to-no sleep from traveling come post afternoon.

Icelandic fact O’ the Day

This time of year there is 24 hours of sunlight (should be fun for the sleep sched)

There is an old army base outside of the airport that the US inhibated from WWII until 12 years ago. Icelandic police have no guns and there is no military. (We were told, tho, that they have a cute instagram by Helga)

              Jæja, CJ




Pictured: Alex (Chicago) CJ (Chicago) Bradley (Pennsylvania)




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