Day 2


The rain cometh:

In one day summer came and went, it’s not sunny and 75 on this side of the latitude line. Windy, rainy, and dark skies, morale is quite high in camp still, even after the 6:30 wake-up call (probably because everyone just hibernated for 12 hours last night after not sleeping for 2 days). More to come. Stay tuned.

Oh right, school work:

So the whole point of this trip isn’t just to do hoodrat shit with my new friends. We are actually here to solve real problems with sustainability. Like the saying goes, if you give a mouse a cookie he will ask for a glass of milk and if you give a group of students an idea and 10 days to brain storm you end up with umbrellas covering underground lasers in New York City. (That’s how it goes right) Picture this: 1.8 billion people are from ages 10-24, these people are our future. If we pound sustainability and conservation into our tiny little brains we can change the world in one generation. Clean energy, sustainable resources, and global outreach to countries in need will allow civilization to thrive on our planet. I won’t go into details about the projects just yet, but know that I am actually doing school work here Mom and Dad.

**Emergency Update: there are trees in Iceland! Against all odds, there are little mini forests (about the size of a retired cops Chevy suburban) but hey they’re doing their best. In fact, most vegetation was cut down in Iceland and used as fuel and it’s fertile ground was then overused for farming. This left a land with very little trees.


Okay so as everyone knows Iceland is similar to Hawaii in the fact that it has gnarly waves and was formed by volcanoes. The land looks pretty tight. It reminds me of a spongey/mossy layer covered with rocks throughout. Fun fact, most of you have probably seen Iceland on tv in one way or another. Game of Thrones, Batman Begins, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty were all filmed here at some point. Also my personal favorite Lord of the Rings was also filmed and inspired by East Icelandic culture (stay tuned for Iceland factoid at the bottom about this as I nerd tf out). ((It may not be Mount Doom or Hobbiton, but we love it all the same. Suck it Em))

Reykjavik: Means the smoky city because of its geothermal nature.

Back to school, back to school:

The Icelandic School of Energy, man what a place. You walk in and you are immediately smacked in the face with the smell of some bomb ass croissants, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get them because Chase decided it was going to turn my credit card off.. (I had my soldier back on the front line in the mainland take care of this ((Mom)) because I can’t make phone calls from out of the country.) thanks homie. Either way, the school itself is pretty cool, it has some water-courtyards (only way I know how to describe what I saw), and everything looks very modern. 10/10 would enjoy classes there.

Hydroelectric Plants:

Now here are some interesting things, the plant we visited was shut down and has not been used in a long time. The plant had gizmos and gadgets all over the and it was in probably the cleanest room I have ever seen. It was essentially a church for Poseidon and Zeus.

No hot tubs after 11..

We took a quick stop at the supermarket outside of our guest house and it was nothing short of an adventure. Everything is stupidly expansive but oh well.. Decided not to get any snacks, but after only finding non-alcoholic beer we realized the good good was next door. 22 filter into this tiny place and proceed to fill up with Icelandic booze (also absurdly expansive). Team bonding in the hot tubs tonight. jæja. 

Final Thoughts

I will probably send something else out about food because it probably deserves its own segment. Food is so near and dear to my heart. I love you, please don’t ever leave me.

Everybody’s favorite recurring segment, and probably my favorite Iceland factoid:

“One does not simple walk into Mordor”
Boromir crush this. Wanna know why?? Because the gates of Mordor and Mount Doom are damn near a million and a half miles apart! So fun fact, my main man J.R.R. (Tolkien that is) grew his inspiration for Lord of The Rings from East Icelandic Culture. He heard tales of elves and trolls from Iceland and pulled a Jimmy Neutron brain blast and made an incredible Trilogy about it. William Morris, an Icelandic journalist, wrote about magical lands inhabited by elves and trolls. Some people in Iceland, to this day, still believe in elves and trolls inhabiting the lands. Every once in a while you will see a road hang a quick swerve around a rock because the locals did not want to disturb any magic being or presences the rock may have had. Pretty wild stuff. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for Orlando Bloom bee-boppin his way thru Iceland. I’ll keep ya up dated.

jæja, CJ








Most views of Iceland have been from this seat on the bus
The outside of the closed down Hydroelectric Plant

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