Day 3


Energy, got a lotta energy.. Geothermal class was tight, we may have been a little hung over (s/o Alex for gettin ‘motion sick’ on the bus). Guess what, morale = higher than it has ever been. We got vibes goin and friendships taking off. Let’s do the damn thing.. it’s only day 3. Two classes today and we’re officially done with that.

No one fan should have all that power:

Geothermal plants are tight af. This one plant supplies power to a good deal of Iceland. (Pics will be attached) I don’t want to bore you with this nerd shit because it’s pretty dope to me, but not many other people would enjoy it so I’ll just fill the bottom up with some great pics of the place.

Swimming pool, drank:

Went to a geothermal-ly (guess what <– still not a word) warmed pool. This was an experience. There are about 7 different hot tubs all at different temps. It was probably the chillest place I have ever been.. you just float around mind your own business and avoid all of the death glares from the native Icelanders because you’re a POS American. It’s cool tho, we know we rub people the wrong way. Either way, it’s pretty dope to stay in a heated pool complex while it’s 10 degrees Celsius out.


Now this probably takes the cake as the best part of the day. So if you’ve ever seen The Challenge this is similar but more intense and has much better prizes. The challenges included arm wrestling (Carolina swept the floor on that one after probably the longest match in the history of arm wrestling between Aubrey and Marijana. I think Icelandic weather changed about 4 times during that match) there was some limbo where ya boy took home the gold. A tough fight was put up by Brad, but don’t ever be a Brad… (jk you’re cool homie) and also musical chairs, which got intense. Shit went down, people laughed, everyone had a blast, and ya boy ate some chopped  sheeps head in Jelly (surprisingly very good) , drank some cod liver oil (also very good), and some fermented shark (absolute trash.. imagine taking the bite out of an old gym sock and the taste never leaves your mouth. It was absolute garbage -1/10 would recommend). BUT it was a blast and we did some dope shit that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to experience again. 3 days into this trip and I’m having the time of my life with some of the best people.

Capped the night off with a shot of Jamo and headed back to the guest house.

Iceland factoid:

The Blue Lagoon was a mistake. (Much like me, s/o Mom and Dad. You’re welcome for being the best mistake of your life). So there was this plant that had some excess water in it, so they decided to divert the water to a nearby lava pit. This water had high silica content so, over time, the silica clogged the pores in the lava rock and water was no longer able to filter through it. Water popped up and some crazy mf decided to jump in it and somehow he didn’t grow a third arm and thus the blue lagoon was formed. Vuala.


Jæja, CJ


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