Emergency Blog Day 2.5


Okay, so not really an emergency but like I said earlier the food deserves its own blog.

First things first – Late Night Phone Note Blog

Here’s a little blip written up at about 3 in the morning after the hot tubs:

“No hot tubs after 11”.. yikes, welp rules were always meant to be broken right? 3 AM rolls around pretty quick when the sun never goes down, huh. Well at least it is better than the sun coming back up on you right? First night of team bonding was a success. It turns out group ice breakers have nothing on a good ol game of never have I ever. These are the moments when classmates become real friends, especially because everyone knows you ain’t a real friendship until you’re dropping Instagram likes on e/o pics. Got ourselves a squad of HOGS on this trip. (lol s/o Angel). Let’s solve some energy problems and let’s stay as far away from pledges as possible. Jæja


So… Six meals later and I think we have had soup for 8 of them? I mean, I’m a soup guy but this is getting pretty ridiculous. Dana promises that this isn’t every meal but I guess only time will tell..

Most of the food in Iceland is very similar. Lamb and fish are the most prominent foods in Iceland, and lemme tell ya, lamb: pretty damn good. We had it in some soup (go figure) but it was pretty bomb. It’s a super lean meat and had very good flavor to it.

The big things I noticed here is that many of the meals are not absurdly proportioned like American meals (and we wonder why were the fattest countries). Breakfast has been yogurt and nuts, and some delicious bread with a plethora of jams and jellies to spread on them.

Fun fact about the food here, a lot of it is made using stoves powered by geothermal energy. We went to some restaurant where the soup (wahoo) and bread were all geothermal-ly (<- not a word) made. There wasn’t much of a difference in taste to be honest, but it was all delicious.

A few wild things I have eaten so far (cuz eff it, when will I be able to eat it again) was lamb pate, pickled hearing, some type of garlic paste, and some other things I forgot about.


Reindeer were introduced to Iceland in the east. The are hunted as game and the population is controlled by the people. Their meat is a delicacy in Iceland. (all you animal people don’t worry, they let the animals live freely and have a high quality of life but they let the population reproduce and hunt when there is over population to maintain a sustainable level of life)

Yup,  that’s about it for this quick one.

Jæja, CJ


Table Left to Right: Angel, Paige, Marijana, Meghan, Ed, Hannah, Sean Back Row Left to Right: Alex, CJ


Geothermally made bread. Fire.
Lamb soup





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