Day 4


You every try and go into a bunch of power plants and restrain yourself from touching all of the buttons and levers? Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass. Welp, we finally got to go into a hydropower plant and touch all of the buttons. And I don’t think 22 nerds could have been happier.. From unleashing the power of Thor with the lightning simulator to taking a Mario Kart spin on a turbine. Riveting stuff. I bet all of you reading this are beyond jealous. Well you should be cuz check out these views from the 6 [turbine outputs].


Fun fact, it powers 75 percent of Iceland. Wow. Much energy. Very power.

Buncha gumbies

This is it kids, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The itinerary said it was gunna be day two but psych, it’s day 4! Freaking snorkeling in between tectonic plates. Boy. It lived  up to the anticipation. (Not to mention me and Alex certainly can be thermal wear models ((Water Emoji)) ).

Also s/o Dana for saying we all look like gumbies in our dry suits. Love it. (Even though I think we look a little more like the Toe-men from Spy Kids.

Pictured left to right: Meghan, Whitney, Paige
Pictured: Mr Toe

Yeah so this water was crystal clear and a warm 3 degrees Celsius. (37 degrees F for all the homies back in ‘Merica) So yeah, those gumbie suits (dry suits) were much needed. It was also pretty damn funny watching Hersh get literally lifted in the air to get the suit on. Picture the bully from a movie holding a nerd up by his tighty whiteys, yeah that was basically her. Shoulda had the GoPro out for that. This was a once in a lifetime experience and I am still in shock at how incredibly awesome it was. Supposedly you weren’t able to dive that deep in the water with the buoyant dry suit. Defied that and got some dope pics taken of my by my man Ivan the snorkel guide. I also snagged some videos that you will 100% get motion sickness from if you watch because yah boy cannot keep a camera still apparently.


Pictured left to right: Brad, CJ (diving), Hannah (with rbf), Alex’s fins


Pictured: CJ (diving), Hannah, Alex, Matt (all in top right)


Pictured left to right: Brad, Matt, Hannah (still rbf) ((This is the pic I was taking above)

Take a hike

We finally get to strap on the ol hiking boots and hit the dusty trail (wooden pathway). There is something about Iceland that is just pure beauty. Every single direction you looked was just gorgeous. We saw a bunch of cool things on this little stroll in the park. First, a little nerd out, this is some of the areas that The Hound, Arya, Tormund, and Ygritte all chilled at at some point. (Game of Thrones for all you uncultured swines that haven’t experienced the greatness yet. Hurry and watch them all before reading the rest of this so  that you get the true experience)



Helga (who basically knows everything Iceland plus some) brought us to the “Tinder of the Vikings”. Her words, not mine even though I would have loved to take credit for that. Backstory: this area we hiked was the location where all of the families met up (Viking Parliament) to discuss law and stuff. They also decided it was a good place to swipe right and find some hotties from the others families. Pretty neat stuff.

Iceland Factoid 

(Helga knows everything, basically all of these facts from my blogs are straight from phone notes I take after she spits some knowledge)

Due to the very sensitive nature of the animals in Iceland, they could not bring in any animals for the filming of Game of Thrones they had to use what was here. So because the horses weren’t actually the same as the ones from other scenes they had to film from further away so you couldn’t tell. Boom. Truth bomb. S/o Helga.

So as Ice Cube would say. Today was a good day. Enjoy some more pics of the squad. Hashtag we have fun.

Jæja, CJ

Pictured: Right to left from back to front: Maggie, Hannah,Whitney, Carolina, Megan, Alex, Aubrey, CJ, Paige, Brad
Pictured: Hannah. (s/o Megan for the fire pic meme)
Pictured: CJ. You can tell it’s a waterfall by the way it is.
Pictured Back left to right: Brad, Carolina, Whitney, Saskia, Ana                                                                        Front left to right: Matt, Hersh, Hannah, CJ, Alex (Alex – “leedle leedle leedle”)

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