Day 5


And we’re movin 

Our time at Hjardarbol Guest House has come to an end. You could see a tear in the eyes of the 22 nerds as they said goodbye to all our furry friends. So long KeKe (unless Paige actually packed you up, wouldn’t put it past her tbh). So long black dog that was terrified of everyone. So long kitchen that cranked out soup like it was going out of style. You did make some bomb fish and potatoes tho. PSA: watch out Iceland the American’s are back on the move

Outside of our rooms
The dude ranch. Pictured from left to right: Sean’s ass, Ed, Angel

Don’t go chasing waterfalls 

First stop of the day, some moving H2O. I felt like the Lucky Charms Leprechaun with all the rainbows around me. What a sight. IMG_2562.JPG

Soaked from head to toe from the mist, but some of the most breathtaking sights yo eyes will eva see. I imagine this is what Sean Bean saw before we went down the waterfall after taking three arrows to the chest for the Fellowship. IMG_2570.JPG

Sorry TLC, we chased waterfalls and we liked it. We’ll stick to lakes and rives some other trip around the glacier.


Fun Fact: There are only 4 geyser locations in the world. US (Yellowstone), Iceland, New Zealand, and Siberia. Check two off the list for ya boy. So this whole geyser experience was a very disappointing one at first. We waited the 10 minutes to see an “Icelandic Eruption’ and it was this 2 foot wet fart.. Whoop di doo.. and as we were all sulking about that we almost missed a real eruption that was damn near 20-30 feet in the air. Sorry us Americans expect a lot Mother Nature, we all have off days tho you made up for it.


Pass the ketchup

I never knew I could be so intrigued by an indoor tomato farm.. well more like a tomato palace. This is the place the fruits in Sausage Party were hoping to go.. the entire place is climate controlled by the geysers pictured above and stocks Iceland up with tomato’s for dayyyzzz. Not to mention they have a little cafe/bar inside this place too. Naturally we had a tomato soup buffet and homemade bread for lunch. I will never eat a better soup in my life. Would you just look at this..
12/10 would recommend eating here. And you bet your ass me and Alex split a Bloody Mary from this place. It was absolutely fantastic. It was basically the nectar of the gods in my mouth.
Also this sign needs to be plastered to my forehead. Thank you, goodbye
Aw yeah, hot springs yeah
Strap up the boots and start the trek. We headin to the hot spring in the mountains. 3.5 km hike, easy money. The views: to die for ->
Plus, climbing up a mountain is easy when you have a natural hot spring on the mind. And boy was it nice. Pop on the swim suit and dive right in, you’re gunna end up with algae on the ass and dirt all over but hey you’re in Iceland. Not to mention the natural geothermal clay all around. You best believe we took that mud bath. Better than anything at Sephora.

Pictured left to right: Meghan, CJ, Paige, Whitley
Pictured left to right: Paige, Alex, Ed, Hannah, Megan
We also met one very very good girl. The bestest of girls.
Immediately shoved a piece of pecan pie in my face for all my hard work today. What a good day. Morale at camp is off the charts.
Iceland factoid:
Sheep fest! So every year in Iceland there’s this big fest of hearding the sheep (they must not get Netflix out here, jk this is actually pretty dope). So every year the sheeps are let out to roam the wild and mountains. So obvi they have to get them back. Each sheep is tagged with a letter and a number. As they corral the sheeps into a big pen little kids will run around and sort the sheep into smaller pens based on the numbers and letters. People are boozing and bringing food and it’s just a jolly good time.
Jæja, CJ

Enjoy these extra photos

CJ and Pocho






Picture from left to right: Whitney, CJ, Megan, Meghan, Ed, Alex
Pictured from left to right: Ed, Alex, CJ, Hannah, Sean

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