Day 6


This morning has been canceled due to a lack of sunshine (- Heavyweights). Yeah so the weather, it’s pretty wet and storms roll in often. We were supposed to head up to the mountains this morning for a weekend of camping, but rivers overflow and we were fresh outta boats. (Smiles + cries of joy come from the nerds because we can cling on to WiFi for 12 more hours). 

Fuzzy fryends

Helga should really just run for President of Iceland b/c she knows everyone and it seems like she’s an Icelandic celebrity. That being said, one of her friends owns a sheep/horse farm so we got to play around the pen while we were waiting for the storms to clear up. We met probably the fluffiest puppy in the world that just loved the pets. (But not so much when Brad almost crushed her into 18 little pieces).

Pictured left to right: Meghan, Alex, very good girl
Pictured left to right: CJ, Hannah


“Bahhhh” – Bill

Liquid hot MAGMA” – Dr Evil 

Got to go to the lava exhibit, and boy are Icelandic museums sooooo much better than US museums. So many buttons to push and things to play with. It’s a kid with ADHD’s dream. We got to literally feel earthquake simulations in the floor and see massive projections of lava on rock formations. Plus this super cool interactive volcano fact screen thing. (You had to be there, sry you didn’t get the invite). I’ll fill the rest of this with pics for ya.


This is the lava that made Iceland


Back the eff off Ms. Frizzle, yo ass just got passed up on the list of best bus drivers. My man (~~~) I cant spell or pronounce his name so I’m going with Hodor cuz that’s kind of what it sounds like. ((Don’t mean to disrespect the homie at all because he is the absolute man and is the happiest dude in the world. It makes my day every time he’s our drive.

Sup fellas
Hodor also driving thru this

89D6CED3-0CBB-4155-ADFF-35B3B101D141Hodor’s smile lights up Iceland on a gloomy day)). But this dude is taking us off roading in Iceland on a freaking ATV TOUR BUS. It’s freakin bats. Not many people can say they went off roading through rivers and valleys to grandmas house in a tour bus but we can. Suck it. S/o Hodor you’re the bomb dot com. 


Icelandic factoid  

So when you’re stuck up in a hut they have these fun games you can play with a rope. You have squat down and grab your toes and try and hop over the rope without leaving go of your toes. (Not as easy as it sounds) there’s also another one where you basically tie one leg behind your back and try and stand up. Very very difficult. Especially for someone as uncoordinated as me.

Issa Blackout

Okay readers. Sad for you guys but we’re about to head up into the mountains so I’m going dark for a few days. See ya on the other side. You’ll have quite a bit to catch up on. 

Jæja, CJ


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