Day 7

Cabin fever

So, Hodor crushed the drive in. I would trust this man with my first born. We now have 22 people crammed into this rustic cabin with no outlets and two lights. 10 single beds. 3 double beds and some mattress on the second floor loft. Needless to say we all got real close w/ each other. And that’s all I’m givin out for this section. (Oh and Helga makes a damn good burger.) What happens in the cabin stays in the cabin, Jæja.

4 Seasons 

After a night of tossing and turning we strap on the boots and head up the mountain. It’s rainy, windy, and foggy. It’s a scene straight out of Lord of the Rings. Moral still high tho because the views were still absolutely incredible. Thighs burning, asses burning we make it to the top (ish). We made it high enough that we were in the snow caps. Time to feast. We chow down on some sammiches and juice boxes and morale is picked back up. We then find out that we can body slide down the big snow caps. And who tf wouldn’t want to do that. Dana made us a nice little lugge by going first and we did the damn thing. ((Off topic: there’s a myth that if you sacrifice someone to the elves then the weather would clear up, (Helga may have been just trying to get rid of one of us tho..) )) but as we debated making a human sacrifice the sun popped out over the mountains and the clouds cleared up. It was like going from Alaska to Panama City. The sun was beaming the Pina coladas were flowing (jk not really). But the walk down was gorgeous. Words can’t do it justice and neither can pictures. I’m gunna give it my best effort below. 


You know nothing Jon Snow.

This is it. I can die in peace. Smite me, almighty smiter. We got to see a filming location for Game of Thrones season 8. I geeked. Sry for whoever I’m watching that episode with in the future because I’m def gunna re-nerd out when it pops up on the tv. 

Iceland factoid

Iceland is forever changing. 8 years ago a glacier filled an entire valley. Little by little parts would break off and travel out to see carving up the land and stuff. As it melted it created a massive lagoon with icebergs floating around in it, and then one day, boom. Volcano. So much ash, soot, and other stuff washed down with the water melting and now you can walk/drive right up to the base of the mountain where less than a decade ago a massive glacier inhibited.

Jæja, CJ 

((Short blog because you need to experience it through pictures))

enjoy some bomb ass pics of the squad and sights

Season 8 filming location for GoT
Chicago boys reppin (Sean, Alex, CJ)


Pictured left to right: Ed, Paige, Alex, Meghan, Krystal


I just penguin slid down this



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