Day 8

Made that bitchhh famous

Update from last night. We met number 19 from the Icelandic soccer team. He is staying at our hostel and balled out and bought the whole trust bar (<– excellent idea, once the kitchen/bar closes there is a little fridge where you can get drinks and then pay for them the next day). This was a fun night of bonding tho, Alex took a right hook from a shower wall, we found of the hot tub can adjust and it doesn’t have to be the hottest place this side of hell. But yeah, great night.

Ice Ice Baby 

Goooooood morning campers. 10 am glacier hike ftw. Glacier day. Crampons out for the boys. Fun fact, the inside of a glacier isn’t solid ice because of the pressure inside of the ice. It’s more of a liquid-like mush that is icy towards the edges. Nature is neat.

Land of fire and ice
Shaka brah

lemme hear ya everybody, Mother I feel you under my feet, mother I feel yo . . . heart beaaattt. heyya heyya  heyya heyya, heyya, heyya heyya heyya heyya heeeyyyaaaa

Just a little Green Program jingle. Very catchy, vary fun. Stomp your feet and drop some bars on this glacier with us. S/o to our fearless leader for leading us in song and dance. Also, I can finally say I drank water from a glacier stream and also baptized by our fearless leader.(war paint from the glacier soot and water) #Simbaaa. I am now one with the Earth.

We out here. Pictured front to back: CJ, Alex, Hannah, Meghan, Paige, Ed

lemme tell ya, this was the coldest water and most purest tasting water in the world. Gtfo Dasani and yo stale ass taste.

Black sand beaches

So this was one I was super excited for. #FindYourBeach. I did. The black sand beaches form because of lava and glaciers. When a volcano melts a glacier, some of the soot and debris and crap will run down the glaciers and into the beach area creating a black sandy beach. So unnatural looking but breathtaking. Views like this really make you appreciate this world and the beauty throughout it. 29FDD287-C199-4278-B381-DC5B94AFF4A3

It was only quick 40 minute stop here, but it was the perfect amount of time to sit down and just chill with some dope views. 1D62AA67-3B7A-4DD9-9FA3-053C97E16F67


Yet another waterfall. These never get old tbh. Something about water plummeting to earth really entertains me. A sneaky wind gust came and got me tho, was posing for this pic below and got absolutely soaked. Wish someone got a video of the whole photo opp because, as calm as I look, I was freezing and running around like a crazy man trying to avoid the water.


It was literally like another 20-30 minute stop but I was just feeling some happy vibes from it. Can’t beat that. Plus, we saw a workout video being formed. This woman was recording her bicep burnout on the river, it was pretty great. We also played this game. Catch the rain drops off of the rocks. Harder than it looks, and we all probably looked ridiculous lol.

Pictured left to right: Brad, Alex, Paige, CJ

Bio-fuel ftw 

One last class for the trip. 20 minute video of how bio-fuel and this plant is made etc. etc. etc. It was super interesting for us nerd but I wont bore you guys. But also, you ever drank bus fuel? We did. Rapeseed oil. It was lit. And we ate some ground up seed too, nutritous and delicious. There was also a very very good boy(girl?) not totally sure, didn’t check. But this puppy was the happiest puppy in the world. (Dont think I have a pic, was too happy giving the puppy pets)


Time is coming to an end and procrastination is poppin off for the capstones.. old habits die hard. Enjoy the pics below.

jæja, CJ

Two pics merge. #Sick. Pictured left to right: Hannah, Meghan, CJ
Pictured left to right: CJ, Whitney, Alex, Megan, Paige, Sean, Brad


Chicago boyzzz P: CJ, Alex, Sean
“LEAD THE WAY MOM” – CJ. Pictured left to right: CJ, Helga, Meghan

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