Day 9

Meet the Nerds! 

Quick blurb: I really never thought I could get so attached to a group of individuals in this short amount of time. These peeps are some of the brightests and funniest people I have had the peasure to meet. From the late (light) night crew to the capstone crew and everyone else in between. It was a pleasure to spend these last 9 days with these people I can truly call friends.

CJ Casey (ya boi)

5th year at UIC (Chicago). Cuz only cool people go to school for 5 years. So to be honest, my main reason for going on this trip was to travel to Iceland… but to be honest I have never learned more about myself in 10 days. This trip was eye opening in the sense of meeting people. These have been probably the greatest group of humans to ever walk this earth. They all have so much aspirations to change this world and it is so inspiring. I am truly going to miss everyone. Best 10 days of my life. (Yaaaaaaaasss)

Season 8 filming location for GoT



Richard Ling

Richard Ling, shooting guard for Process Basketball, is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying engineering and rocks. He joined the GREEN program to learn about the renewable energy and to see puffins. Though the latter goal was unfulfilled, Richard did enjoy Iceland’s scenic mountains, snorkeling adventures, food, various museums, and dogs.


Madison Ascione 

Madison Ascione is a sophomore at Georgetown university studying physics. She joined the GREEN program to travel and learn about renewable energy. Madison enjoyed all the hikes, dogs, cool people, and how the weather was a constant surprise.

DA22048E-A7F7-4D74-BF40-A56B2BDAB3BFWhitney Goodwin

Whitney Goodwin, going into 4th year in environmental science and GIS at Queens University in Canada. I came on this trip to learn about renewable resources and energy in Iceland. My favourite thing about this trip was all of the amazing adventures that we were able to go on, including snorkelling and hiking on mountains and glaciers.


Saskia Rohde 

Saskia embarked from the hilltop of Georgetown in DC to the many hilltops of the Rangárþing eystra and was completely amazed. She hoped to combine her passions for traveling and sustainability on the GREEN program, and was happy to find wild outdoor excursions, eco-friendly inspiration, and incredible friends along the way. Saskia knew she found a second home when the baristas immediately knew how to spell her name at the airport, and will fondly look back on her time in Iceland for years to come. Her final wish is that someday Richard Ling will succeed in covering full cities with piezoelectric umbrellas.

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Meghan Patulak 

Meghan Patulak, also commonly known as “Shmeag”, is a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Resource Economics. She is a hard core math geek and nature nerd who is famous for her ability to pound wine like a classy middle aged housewife but also belch like a trucker. You could find her petting every dog she saw in Iceland and becoming overly excited when there was gluten free bread available. Besides this, her favorite part about Iceland was meeting the ‘late night crew’ and being able to adventure around this insanely beautiful country with them; not everyday you get to travel the world with a kick ass group of people like this one. Her next adventure post grad consists of living on an island and traveling the world in search of the most beautiful views this world has to offer🌎


Megan Penrod

Megan Penrod, a sophomore at Penn State where she studies energy engineering. She shed a tear at the hydro plants and drank 3 cups of coffee on a daily basis. She loved seeing all of the views in Iceland despite complaining about the rain 24/7. Her favorite part was getting to meet everyone and spending these 10 days together non stop and adventuring around Iceland. Also the chocolate, it was the best food (besides the tomato soup).41589A5F-755C-4C0C-B0EC-CC43E5D754F8

Hannah Patel 

“Hannah Patel also known as rocky, grumpy or RBF. She enjoys rocks. A LOT. She goes to Penn State University (we are!!!!!) studying earth science and policy. Everywhere she has gone in iceland she has spread her attitude and rock knowledge as our group scampered along the Icelandic mountains. She also enjoys all the sharknado movies and can be found looking angry in any situation (ty dana). My favorite part of the trip was when we rolled up squad deep to the hot springs and covered our selves in random river mud (we will die in approx 4 day’s time). Thanks to everyone for being super cool nerds and not lame who put up with my rock obsession. PCE out ❤️”



Whatsup I’m Hersh! I am a rising senior at Rutgers University and have had an excellent time here in Iceland. Although I did not see any puffins, I made dope friends, saw a ton of baby sheep, and some cool dogs! I’m glad Helga played Iceland rap on the bus because it pumped me up for the crazy adventures. Shoutout to Helga, Dana, Thorrrrdorrrr, and my 21 nerdy friends!


Maggie Sagui

Maggie Sagui is just a small town gal from Rutgers University that was ready to enjoy the bigger things in life. She enjoys being one with nature and living cell phone free. She had the beautiful hikes and waterfalls to keep her company and to bring solace to her hectic life. 10/10 good time


Matt Smith

Matt Smith (yeah, that’s actually his name) just finished his junior year studying physics at Yale. He came to Iceland to learn a little about renewable energy and experience the Icelandic landscape. He enjoyed the views so much he forgot to get a picture with himself in it.


Ana Laura Vallejo Canales 

My name is ana laura vallejo canales, I am mexican and currently studying to become a sustainable development engineer. I love dancing , going for a run with friends and pretry much love spending time out doors in nature.



Iceland has rocks everywhere. The naturally formed patterns are intriguing to look at. I can imagine how the earthquake has sharpened them, how the volcano has scarred them and how the ice has frozen them. Step on the rock and you sense the simplest nature of Iceland.


Sean Chou 

What up ya goonies. I’m Sean Chou and i’m from the western burbs of Chicago. Honestly this trip was the fastest ten days ever…From going glacier hiking to chilling at the hot springs at the top of the mountains, to drinking with guys and gals that i’ve just met a couple days ago…I’m truly gonna miss everything about this trip.


Alex Mounivong 

Hey what’s up! My name is Alex Mounivong and I go to the University of Iowa for Environmental Engineering. Not exactly sure how I ended up in Iceland with 21 strangers, but it has definitely been an adventure of a lifetime. I’ve made memories and friendships that will last lifetimes.  Looking forward to the reunions already! Jæja


Paige Skok 

(I’m one of the few from Canada) honestly thought before I got here that it was gonna be pretttttty dead and boring. Turns out, these people are like my family now. Second night we all got drunk and bonded over never have I ever in the guesthouse which was a real icebreaker. Can’t really say the best part because the entire trip was amazing. Hot springs with natural clay all over our bodies to wanting to kill myself being so hungover hiking up an ice glacier, nonetheless, this was one of the best trips of my life. Definitely recommended — lifelong friends any time I go to America, just gonna message the group me and pawtyyyyy. Anywho, writing this over a glass of wine, gotta go dart now.


Ed Lohmeyer 

Ayooo! Some people call me Edwaaaard. I’m a washed up college graduate that is moving on to the real world. According to some little Indian girl(Hannah) that reads futures by looking at palms, apparently I’ll be broke for the rest of my life. If any sugar mommas want to help me out feel free to slide in my DMs. Anyways this trip far exceeded my expectations and I wouldn’t trade the 21 of you guys for anything. I love all of you guys and we better do this again soon!


Angel Rios

At first, I am a bit timid bit out of whack and try to be far away from the group…personal reasons..another is that my sinuses came up plus, get a weak cough that I hate. Like to draw, play videos-games and watch anime. It grew up in Mexico, go to school in Phoenx. Born in Texas. I like the nature sight-seeing and the way Icland is growing. My major is urban planning slash Auto-CAD designer. That is why I came to Iceland within the green progam. Can make the voice of Donald The Duck the best, Luigi or Mario, and other voice..that me hahah


Aubrey Greene

I’m a junior at North Carolina State University studying Sustainable Materials and Technology, but I have an interest in green energy (and traveling to Iceland), so that’s why I’m on this trip! This trip has been an absolute blast, and I’m so glad to have met all of the amazing people that I did. It’s been so fun to learn about Iceland (especially anything about volcanoes) and to get to see some of the most amazing views that nature has to offer. I’ll miss my fellow nerds so much, but I know that they are all great people who will go on to do great things! So thankful for the Green Program!


Brad Dickerman

Bradley Dickerman is a sophomore at University of Delaware studying mechanical engineering but will probably pick up a math minor because it’s just one more class. He traveled with the Green Program to Iceland to experience another country for the first time, visit a place he finds geographically fascinating, and learn more about green power. Along the way he made new friends, pet many cute dogs (almost killed one by falling on it), enjoyed snorkeling, and consistently wore a t-shirt while the Icelandic guides wore jackets.


Marijana Milosevska

Marijana studies Chemical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology and she’s probably one of the only Macedonians the group has ever met. She wanted to come to Iceland to get lost in the landscapes and get immersed in the experiences.
P.S. Come to Iceland, you won’t regret it.


Carolina Casin
Carolina recently graduated from unc Charlotte and studied mechanical engineering and math. Recently accepted a job as a manufacturing engineer with Deere-Hitachi. In my free time I love hiking different parts of NC and enjoying various breweries. I have two dogs which I take on a lot of road trips and adventures. I’ve loved the scenary in Iceland, my favorite hike was in the mountains where we got to see the glacier. I also enjoyed learning about how Iceland was formed and how they use their natural resources to power the country. I’m going home with a new found curiosity for learning more about how the earth was formed and how it keeps changing. BTW I meant to mention I like running… Lol


What a group of people. Gunna miss y’all a whole lot.

Jæja for one last time, CJ



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