The ‘Miracle’ on Melting Ice. Not your average, nerdy Eco Blog.

Idk about you, but I’m about ready to run through a wall.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I get it.. You are all thinking, “Ope, here we go.. how big of a ladder did CJ get this time to get on top of his high horse?”.

Well I’m sorry to tell you that this:

High Horse
Pictured: Me awkwardly standing atop my high horse

isn’t the case. I am am also part of the problem.

“What is this about” – you all.

Story time:

So I get this text from one of my ‘All-For-Show’ friends (let’s call him Erince) Ernice asks me ‘any tips on little things people can do to fight against climate change?’, and this lead to a pretty cool back and forth (after I iced him for like 15 hours.. sorry buddy). Then it finally dawned on me that outside of my little TGP and SISE nerd bubble, I didn’t really have many friends that were completely informed about the environment/climate change/etc.

What is global warming?

In short, it is the gradual rise of earth’s temperatures from around the 19th century onward and the projections moving forward. Oh, ICYMI… a rise in temperatures is bad. (Side note. Let’s talk about the degree to which the temps need to rise. Literally like 3 degrees Celsius or ~5.7 degrees F for my fellow Americans. We are talking small rises here. A rise equal to the number of Cleveland Brown wins the past 3 seasons)

  • Things you LIKE to see on the Y-Axis: Your fantasy team score, bank account, stocks
  • Things you DONT want to see there: Stress, golf score, gas price, Global Temperature

What does an increase in temperature mean?

Wait, CJ.. are you telling me that if the temps go up we are talking shorts szn in December in Chicago?? Bring on the climate change, baby!!

No. Hard no. (Also, warm Chicago winters would be terrible because Bear weather would’t be a thing any more…) That is not what it means. Temperatures will remain about the same, maybe fluctuating a few degrees here and there, but a global temperature increase leads to:

  •  Increased events of extreme weather
    • Stronger, more prevalent hurricanes
    • Longer periods of drought
    • Extreme downpours/floods

Stop me if any of these events seem familiar across our country in the past few years? PEOPLES LIVES AND HOMES AND FAMILIES ARE DIRECTLY IMPACTED BY THESE EVENTS AND THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS WILL NOT DO ENOUGH. I apologize for yelling, but this is the God’s honest truth. Some people like to brush off climate change like they’re JAY-Z.


They claim, ‘it won’t affect me in my life time, why should I care’. 1. Wrong. 2. How cynical do you have to be to actually say that?

  • Ecosystems becoming ravished/completely extinct
    • Coral Reefs become unfit to sustain life at the higher temperatures
    • Animal migration shifts
      • which leads to alterations in the food chain
    • Food shortages and growing pattern alterations due to inconsistent weather

So this sounds like some post apocalyptic shit, huh? All we need are some zombies and we have ourselves an award winning TV show or movie. To bad this is REAL LIFE. This is what we have to look forward to in the future if we don’t change this. And I’m sorry Edith.. Your cat is gunna be the first thing I eat once things go south. I warned ya.. now it’s every man for themselves…


What can we do to stop this?

Let me preface this saying I am going to be the biggest hypocrite writing these instructions. Yeah, yeah, yeah, practice what you preach. Well guess what.. IT”S HARD. If it were easy, do you think we would even be in this situation?? That is what I thought. Okay.. now back to my hypocritical high horse (with running points)

  • Have a voice and make it heard
    • This doesn’t mean running for political office, writing a blog, or even to preach on your campus’ speaker circle about climate change. It literally means talking about the earth with a friend, a family member, or even a co-worker. Talk about it like you would talk about stocks or sports.. “ah damn, you see that thermometer. It went up another degree last night.. put me in a tough spot to win this week in my 9  leagues”. Break the stigma of ignorance and inform someone else, and if they right you off who cares! Move on. That’s their prerogative you just keep doing you. (+10 for CJ)
  • Eat less meat! (I say as I had a meat lovers skillet for breakfast)
    • I now await a text from my sister saying ‘I told ya so’… First things first. This is TOUGH. Meat is fantastic. A nice juicy steak with some A1 sauce or a sweet, savory, sizzling piece of bacon. Oh boy, oh boy) Yeah, I get it. Not eating meat for some people is very very hard. So I’m not telling you to just stop ordering those fall off the bone ribs. Moderation is key and that is what I am going to do. Here are some data points to ingest while you wait for your steak to cook:


TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) version of this graph. Farmed animals take up about 83 percent of farm land while only providing us with 18% of dietary calories. YIKES..

Capture 2
Researched and written by Michael Clark and David Tilman

TL;DR of this data: This is a breakdown of various food sources and their impact on the land, climate, and GHG (greenhouse gas emissions). Ruminant meat [normal ass, grass fed meat] DOMINATES the charts like Led Zeppelin IV in 1972. Except, on these charts it is NOT a good thing. Making a drastic change to vegan or vegetarian is a wild move and I respect the people that do it, but I am not that type of guy. I will still order my steaks medium rare, but every once in a while I will reach for the salad or go meatless. Hashtag do it for motha earth. (+2.5 for CJ)

  •  Rethink Transit 
    • Hand up. I make payments and drive around in my nice mid-sized gas guzzling Ford Escape (It is the eco-boost so go me). (-2 for CJ)One thing we can do to cut down on our personal GHG emissions is cut down our single passenger trips. I get it. people have to drive to work, school, games, etc. This is never going to change, but it can be altered. Carpool with someone near by or look into public transportation.
    • Public transportation gets a very bad wrap in America. People use it all the time overseas, and there is no stigma around it. Instead of driving to work one day, maybe you take the train to your office or jog to the gym one day. Moderation is key.

Listen. I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. Your situation to save the Earth may not even work for all of these things mentioned above. But goddammit you have a duty to do what you can for future generations and you need to do it. First off, I want to thank this generation for getting out there Nov. 6th. We did it. I don’t care if you voted Red, Blue, Green, Libertarian, or even if you wrote in Kanye. You went out there and made your voice/opinion matter. I just want to leave you with this: one day we will be the people in charge. Are we going to have anything left to even be in charge of?

jæja, CJ






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